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If you're using your running watch just to track your distance and pace, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your running. Sports watches are packed with sensors and stats that can turn you into a better, faster and less injury-prone runner — it's just a case of understanding the data and using it to your benefit.

But knowing how to interpret all that data can be tricky. If you've picked up a new Garmin watch like the ForerunnerFenix 6invested in the insanely detailed Polar Vantage V or even gone for a run-friendly smartwatch like the Apple Watchyou'll probably have noticed that there's a whole flood of shiny new running metrics to wade through.

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Cadence or foot strike rate is the number of steps per minute SPM you take. It's a vital stat for assessing the efficiency of your running form and thankfully is something that's relatively easy to improve once you're aware of it. Just like vertical oscillation, some running watches offer cadence readings from the wrist or will use sensors in a heart rate chest strap to fire a SPM figure to your wrist. Older generations tend to pair up with a shoe pod too.

A great way to work on your cadence is to find a BPM soundtrack for a shorter run and use the beats to quicken your strike rate. For newer Garmin and Polar watches, you'll also notice a Metronome feature that will play tones at a steady rhythm to help improve your cadence. If you yearn for the most reliable cadence data, you'll want one of the devices we've recommended below to make that happen.

Watch any professional runner in action and you'll notice that there's very little movement in their upper body. Their top half glides swan-like while their legs do all the work under the surface.

One measure of this optimum running efficiency is called vertical oscillation and shows the degree of 'bounce' in your running motion. This bounce is measured in centimetres from a fixed point on your body in the case of GPS running watches this tends to be a sensor built into the heart rate chest-strap.

Typical oscillation is between 6 and 13 cm with the Paula Radcliffe's of this world moving at the lower end of that scale. So why is it useful to be able to monitor vertical oscillation? Well, it's all to do with running efficiency and not wasting energy as you put in the miles. Ideally, you'll want to reduce that 'bounce' and that's closely linked to increasing cadence, which we'll talk about next. This is the next big trendy running metric that we think you will start hearing more about over the coming years.

Watches like the Polar Vantage V and Garmin's newest top end Forerunner watches already offer support for running power, which is designed to offer a way another way of better managing your running performance over training session and a race.

What is running power? We have a comprehensive guide on running powerbut essentially power is work rate and is a measurement of how much work you are doing and the rate of speed how fast you are doing it. The benefits of running power are helping you to achieve running faster times, nail pacing during races and also improve running form.Page of 20 Go.

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Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Watch Garmin Forerunner 35 Owner's Manual 16 pages. Page 2 All rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Garmin. Garmin reserves the right to change or improve its products and to make changes in the content of this manual without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes or improvements.

Page 3: Table Of Contents History Page 5: Introduction Action key Select to start or stop activities or apps. Select to open the menu from an activity or app. You can save activities and share them with the Garmin Connect community. History is recorded only while the timer is running.

You can also add Connect IQ activity apps to your device using Start your activity. Page 8: Golfing Playing Golf Swipe left or right until the odometer appears. Before you go play a course for the first time, you must download it from the Garmin Connect Mobile app Garmin Connect. Courses downloaded from the Garmin Connect Mobile app are updated automatically. Before you play golf, you You can upload all of your activity data to your Garmin Connect Wet the electrodes and the contact patches on the back account for comprehensive analysis.

HR to view and edit the zones as a factor. If you have calibrated a foot pod with another Garmin percentage of your maximum heart rate. Page Activity Settings Select the action key. For example, during a long training run, you can set Select an option.

Up to 10 hr. Interval Pace: The average pace for the current interval. You agree not to decompile, disassemble, modify, reverse assemble, reverse engineer, or reduce to human readable form the Software or any part thereof or create any derivative works based on the Software.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments: I need larger print than on the small sized manual. Print page 1 Print document 20 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account?Is there a list or table of symbols for how various GPS units display these icon names.

I want to pick names for a GPX file that won't give funny looking symbols on different receivers. My Magellan eXplorist seems to have 42 standard symbols plus geocaching symbolsand these bare no resemblance to the Garmin symbols. When looking at GPX files others have made, I get really funky looking stuff on my screen. The GPX spec doesn't recommend values for the sym tag. Yes, this makes providing portable GPX files a huge pain.

GPSBabel solves this by having big tables with aliases accepted for input. That way if you have one that has either "home" or "residence" and you're sending it to a Garmin, for example, it gets mapped to the same numeric value. I've been meaning to provide similar tables for Lowrance and Magellan, but just haven't gotten around to it. They're in the source code if you're interested.

I seem to remember those last symbols for caches before I started using the geocache feature and its special icons. How do the letters work in all this? So "Geocache found" may or may not be supported on any given Garmin. So it's not quite the blowout that the raw tables would imply, but the average [56] era Garmin does support more icons than the average Magellan of similar vintage. I created a file with a waypoint for each eXplorist symbol.

I named and noted each with the name of the symbol. I looked at it in Terrabrowser, which uses Garmin symbols, and not one icon transfered. This may not of course be what a Garmin would do, since some of the fault may lie in the set used by TerraBrowser, and that it seems to be case specific.

Granted, many of the eXplorist icons are stupid choices. For some reason there are many more icons on the detailed maps than there are available to the user. Some of the more common Garmin symbols could be made to map as appropriate Magellan ones such as:. Some comments on the eXplorist symbols in case somebody from Magellan may ever read this fat chance :.

They tend to be on charts, or people are going to have the equipment to give depth anyway. This seems pretty obscure even for the average boater. That's too specific since green has a definite meaning.

It should be white preferably in order to be generic.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review: When More Can Mean Less

A red buoy labeled as green would be confusing. Most buoys don't move around unless they were ripped out by Katrina or something. They should be on charts anyway. Lights are pretty much all automatic now. It should be "light" or "major light" and "minor light" if you have a second.

An RV will know they want RV service, and a trucker will know they want truck service. Just have one symbol. France, California, maybe a few other places. It's a big waste.Herman Bonner Communications Specialist, Firstbeat. Garmin recently announced a significant update to the popular Forerunner and Fenix 5 series watches. The update brings new functionality to these flagship devices, both of which debuted in early Once the update has been installed, users will gain access to a new physiological tracking feature, All-day Stresspowered by Firstbeat analytics.

All-day Stress is a feature that looks at how your heart is beating and uses that data to reveal when your body is experiencing stress and when you are at rest and recovering. You are also able to see the intensity of those reactions as they occur throughout the day and night.

The analysis used to provide this feedback is, of course, integral to our Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment which has been used in corporate wellness programs and preventative health care settings for over a decade. Click to enlarge Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Report.

That particular analysis is typically performed on a hr sample of heartbeat data recorded with a professional-grade recording device. It is exciting to see that we are starting to be able to provide these same types of stress and recovery insights from a consumer device.

Essentially, what we are doing is detecting and transforming the changes in how your heart is beating from one moment to the next into a window through which you can see how your body is working, cycling between stages of fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest, and anywhere between.

garmin fenix symbols meaning

To understand what we mean here, it helps to know something about the autonomic nervous system, how it works and what it does. During stressful situations, activity increases in the sympathetic division of your autonomic nervous system.

That increased activity is reflected in your heart rate variability, and we use that information to gauge how intense the stress is. On the other side of the equation is recovery, when you have strong parasympathetic activity in your body. We all need stress to perform. When putting forth your best effort, you are excited, and your body might be a little bit stressed. It means that you are using your resources to cope with the activity or the task that you are doing.

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What you gain by looking at this stress data over a longer period is the ability to understand how you cope with the stress of your life and environment. You may be working or training too hard, which can have negative health consequences in the long run. From here we have the link to sleep, because sleep is the most crucial time for recovery. The feedback available from this All-day Stress analysis can help show the restorative quality of your sleep.

garmin fenix symbols meaning

You can see whether you were able to recover during the night. For the most part, provided you try to listen to your body, people tend to have pretty good instincts regarding their stress exposure. However, when your body is exposed to elevated stress loads for longer periods of time it can be easy to get lost under those loads.

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If you think about elite athletes, for example, the weight of the stress load can be so great that it sort of masks what is happening and the ability to interpret what your body is telling you can be dampened. A similar thing can happen to each one of us.OK cards on the table. To my mind, the Garmin Fenix series has never been a looker. Particularly when you compared it to the lines seen on any of the Suunto Spartan watches, and especially the new Suunto 9 — reviewed here.

Personally, I feel that the Garmin Fenix series from 3 to the current 5 Plus all trade take a small hit in the looks department, perhaps a touch of elegance, in favour of a more rugged watch, which on balance is probably not a bad thing when it comes to a multisport watch of this calibre. Users also have to pay for these changes in some surprising ways. Certainly, on a shelf in a shop, the two are going to be difficult to tell apart.

Which is perhaps why Garmin has been using the oranges strapped version in a lot of their marketing materials? Very little in the box, in fact, a charge cable, manual, and that is it! With the Fenix 5, Garmin have shifted away from their dock-Esq charging cable, and the same charge cable has been carried over here. The charging port into which the cable goes has been slightly reworked, now appearing to have brass or copper connects embedded in plastic, rather than that silver coloured contacts previously.

On the back of the Fenix 5 Plus, we have a metal back. On this particular model, the metal is unpainted titanium.

Housed in the centre, we have a Garmin Elevate sensor. Comparing the Garmin Fenix 5 and the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus together, there is only a single external change on the front, and that is to the metal bezel, now sporting a wider inner chamfer compared to the regular Fenix 5. The Quick Fit strap is still here, which is good.

garmin fenix symbols meaning

The bad is that regrettably, the strap appears to be still made from the same very soft material. While the Fenix 5 plus on test here is only three weeks old, there are already marks of wear appearing, but due to the colour, they are very hard to photograph. But given the speed of wear is comparable to the Fenix 5, I think it is worth while looking at the state of the Fenix 5 Strap, after one year of use.

The pattern has completely worn off the strap. So I think it is fair to say the actual Garmin Fenix 5 Plus will age well, even if the strap does not. The two menu buttons can be used from the watch screen to access the user programmable widget screens. You can also see the small speaker grill opening.There are a lot of Garmin sports watches out there, and many operate a lot like smartwatches. By that we mean you can now download apps to them, store music and even make payments.

Another thing you can do now is tinker around with the watch face. Watches like the Garmin Vivoactive 4Fenix 6 and Garmin Venu will serve you up a bunch of pre-installed faces. But if you want more from your watch face than simply telling the time, you'll need to dive into the Connect IQ Store to find them. Along with the downloadable apps, data fields and widgets, you can also get hold of faces to put the metrics you care about most onto the screen you probably look at the most throughout the day.

These are watch faces made by developers and in-house at Garmin, and the collection is growing. With the arrival of the Connect IQ Store app, Garmin has made it more straightforward to make your own custom watch faces too.

We've tested a lot of Garmins here at Wareable and we've downloaded and played around with our fair share of watch faces in the process. So we've picked out some of the faves for you below. Movement is an official watch face made by Garmin that's all about bringing a splash of color to your sports watch.

The rainbow effect does its very best to bring some life to a display that can feel a little less vibrant when compared to an Apple or Samsung smartwatch display. Along with the time, it'll let you view metrics like elevation if you watch supports it battery status and there's a little graphic equalizer lets you know the music is playing.

In the watch face settings, which you can find in Connect IQ, you can tinker with the colors to mix things up. We think the default option is the most eye-catching though. Download Movement Connect IQ watch face. One of our current new faves, the Ha Long Bay watch face will give your Garmin wearable a nice animated scene if you don't want it filled with all of those metrics.

Along with a boat that slowly moves across your face, you can see your step count along with the time, battery status and whether you've got a Bluetooth connection to your paired smartphone. Aiming to put as much useful information in front of your eyes as possible, ActiFace shows the time and date, your activity history graph in calories and distance, plus daily goal progress, step count and notifications. It's a big improvement on some of Garmin's dull efforts, and certainly one for data lovers.

Winner of best new watch face at Garmin's Connect IQ Developer awards, Crystal is a really great example of a watch face that piles on the data without making it feel like a crowded mess. There are three configurable data fields: heart rate, battery and notifications. You can have it display whether your watch is currently connected to your phone and it also incorporates Garmin's Move Bar. Down the side of the face, you can also assign features like battery life and your step count to complete your data fix.

Download Crystal Connect IQ watch face. It pushes the time to the right, leaving room for three circular icons large, medium and smallwhich can be assigned information such as steps, Bluetooth connection status and notifications.When it comes to multisport GPS watchesGarmin is one of the best in the business. From basic to advanced running performance data, intensity, stress, recovery and VO2 Max to cycling power, cadence and swimming efficiency — there's a lot of data.

But the problem can be two-fold. Garmin watches, like the Fenix 6can be prosumer tools, which means there's loads of complex metrics that can be hard to understand. And knowing what they mean can actually be a huge benefit to your training.

Garmin Fenix 5x review – After one month of use

Secondly because there are so many Garmins covering multiple price points, such as the Forerunner 45Forerunner and Forerunner it can be tough to work out which device has the features you need. Let alone the likes of the Vivoactive 4which covers a lot of different sports in minimal detail. The staple data for any runner, many beginners will find these are all they need.

Garmin Fenix 5s, 5, 5X - Heart Rate Tracking - REVIEW

Data is split down to give a little more detail, offering pace across each split usually mile or kilometre and enabling you to examine performance over long distances. An estimate of the maximum volume of oxygen your body can process at peak exercise via heart rate, this number is a universal measure of fitness. Watch this number rise to check your training is working. If it doesn't, then rethink your regime. Getting the right amount of rest is essential to avoid injury and maintain performance.

Recovery Advisor guides you on how long you should rest up based on your heart rate performance. Make sure the setting is turned on in My Stats on your device, then go for a run.

You'll get a recovery check in the first few minutes of the run, and an advisory time when you save and complete your session. The minimum is six hours, the maximum is four days. The Garmin race predictor will estimate finishing times of common race distances based on your VO2 Max. You'll need to pair a HR strap or use a device with optical HR, and ensure your profile information is up to date. The Garmin Stress Score predicts how ready your body is for a workout session before you head out running.

It's calculated from a three-minute standing test, rating your readiness for a session between 1 very ready and in a high-stress state. For all day stress tracking, scroll down to our activity tracking section. Your heart rate can be banded into levels, reflecting the extent of your exertion.

A well-rounded training plan will incorporate sessions at a range of levels, and you can ensure you're hitting heart rate targets using Garmin's zonal read-outs. On high-end devices, these levels will be auto-tweaked to your individual physiology.

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